Dir. Carlos Aitcheson- Valentin

I am from Puerto Rico and was born in the city of Mayaguez. I have been an artist since my childhood in the small town of El Rosario San German. Leaving Puerto Rico right after High School, I joined the U.S. Army in 1985 and stayed until mid 1996. I moved to New York City and became part of O.P.ART, an organization of Puerto Rican Artists. For a few years, I went on gallery tours in New York City and Puerto Rico.

In 2000, I attended New School University in NYC and studied film theory, script writing, acting, film production, media, and documentary studies with a minor in anthropology. I graduated in 2004. I feel like “the sky is the limit” by writing, producing, directing and editing my own projects.

Working with all budgets, I have to be very smart and flexible about how to produce my work. Storyboarding my films is a very fun part of my creative process. I workshop the scenes with the actors to help them build their characters prior to shooting day.  All the pre-production and post-production is done by me. I love what I do every time.

I am also a Director of Photography under the UNcannyworks. Email us ask any questions or like us in social media.

Dir. Carlos Valentin.


Carmelo’s forever Home” DRSF.

Compleated waiting for the sponsors 2015 

Latino Americans” In NY.

Channel Thirteen Sep. 2013

My Facebook Artists Series

       2012- completed next chapter 2016

“The State of depression” A public

         announcement for the GLBT 2006.

New Films

The union (NEW) Fire Island 2014.

“life”  short 2 Min 48 sec. aug. 2014.

The Lottery  30 min. film 2013

Corporate Video

Tavola Trattoria The art of Italian Bread 2014

ZOLORENZO Fashion Is Language 3013

Theater workshop


JAN 2015.

“Hippie Playhouse” @ The Drama League 

written by Leif Meneke 2013.

“Deal” Written by Chuck Gomez NYC 2010.

Music Video

“Lucid” music video 2010.

“Miss You Music video 2009.

Music By Tony Moran.

Stage Plays

“As You Like It” By Shakespeare 2003.

“A day in the park”  By Carlos Valentin 2004.

“The Negres” By Luis González 2005.

“In America” By Carlos Valentin 2006.

Other Videos

Marcos Bequer Memorial 2011.